Square Beverage Offers:

For your party or event we have:

  • mixers and non-alcoholic options
  • stemless wine glasses available for rent or loan if you purchase your liquor from Square Beverage. The wine glass rental program runs $.50 per glass for the event.
  • Tell us about your group or event and we can recommend a combination of beer, wine, spirits, mixers, ice and non-alcoholic drinks to serve.

We provide a guide that provides valuable tips for your party or event beverage planning.

Here is a general chart that provides information on yields:

SpiritSize of Bottle/KegServing SizeServings
Wines750 ml=25.4 oz5 oz5


1.5-L=50.7 oz

 5 oz10
Champagne750 ml4 oz.6
 Magnum4 oz.12
Whiskey, Rum, Scotch, etc750 ml1.5 oz. jigger16
 1.75-L=59.2 oz.1.5 oz. jigger39
Beer1/2   Keg12 oz.168
 bomber11 oz.2
 growler12 oz5