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Alex and Joe Hoxmeier, owners

Alex and Joe invite you to visit Square Beverage! The friendly and knowledgeable staff includes Ehan Jelinek, Morgan Albright and Steven Skorupa.

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Steven Skorupa

Steven Skorupa is the assistant/night manager of Square Beverage. Originally from Washington State, he moved to Fort Collins in search of new experiences and adventures. He had a base knowledge of wine, beer, and spirits as a bartender, but found passion for the retail beverage industry after joining the Square Beverage team. Being an experienced musician in his free time, he found similarities between music and the beer and wine industry. Both can bring people together in any situation, and they are both worlds filled with endless possibilities. Steven is using this same opportunity to expand his wine, beer, and spirit knowledge. In his free time, Steven plays music, continues to bar tend and enjoys swimming and outdoor activities. Steven is TIPS trained, so you will likely see him pouring beer and wine during the tastings. His drinks of choice are a glass of Riesling and a great Old Fashioned.

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Alex Hoxmeier

Alex Hoxmeier is an of the Owner and the Registered Manager of Square Beverage. A native of Fort Collins, he graduated from Rocky Mountain High School and Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Before starting Square Beverage, he worked locally in Human Resource Management.  Alex is TIPS trained and maintains great working relationships with the beverage distributors who service northern Colorado. He manages all aspects of the business. Alex completed his WSET II (Wine and Spirits Education Trust) through the Napa Valley Wine Academy with distinction. He also holds a Certification in Beverage Business Management from Colorado State University.

He is married to Maria Miller. Maria completed her Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of Northern Colorado.


In their spare time they enjoy being in the outdoors, with their Golden Retriever/Husky.

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Joe Hoxmeier

Joe is a native of Fort Collins and has been involved in the beverage industry for over 7 years. He has worked in retail, wholesale distribution, and security.  He worked at Morgan’s Liquor in Denver with inventory control and as a retail clerk. He left Morgan’s to join the Beverage Distribution Company (now Breakthru Beverage). At Breakthru he was trained in wholesale distribution and retail merchandising. He worked for Breakthru in Denver before relocating to Fort Collins where he represented Breakthru at Wilbur’s Total Beverage. As one of the owners of Square Beverage, Joe focuses on beer and spirits. He clerks, stocks, and provides customer advice in the craft beer section. He is a certified Cicerone level 1. Joe enjoys sports and is a fan of the Denver Broncos, the Denver Nuggets, and Colorado State University.

Joe prefers vanilla stouts and porters and is a creative mixologist.