Beer Tasting: Friday November 16th from 4-6 pm


Brooklyn Brewing AND Leopold Bros Whiskey!

Join us this Friday for a special free beer AND Spirit tasting!

We will be tasting four delicious brews from Brooklyn brewing,

The Brooklyn Lager,

The Bel Air Sour

and The Defender IPA

Brooklyn Brewing is brand new to the state so come taste and bring some home!



We will be trying a few of Leopold Bros Whiskeys, and featuring fruited whiskeys such as the Rocky Mountain Blackberry, Rocky Mountain Peach, and New York Apple! All of Leopold Bros Whiskeys will be 10% off at $32.95!

Wine Tasting: Saturday November 17th from 2-6 pm 

Baobab Wine Company!

This Saturday, we will be joined by Giles Thomas, owner of the Baobab wine portfolio. His goal is to bring people in the US affordable and delicious South African wines. We will be pouring:

Pella Cabernet Sauvignon

Aalderling Florence Shiraz/Cab

The Emily Blush Wine

Trocken (Dry) Riesling

These incredible South African wines will be perfect for the holidays!