Our Vision

As a native of Fort Collins I have watched this town grow in to a thriving city. I have watched customers become educated and more interested in selection vs. traditional choices. If you travel around Fort Collins you can stop in one of several liquor stores, however you will always feel the same in each. Our vision is to provide Fort Collins residents with not just a liquor store, but a beverage shopping experience where they will enter into a clean, well lit store which upon entering are greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable staff. -Alex Hoxmeier

Our Mission

Our mission at Square Beverage is to provide our shoppers with a unique shopping experience. Unlike traditional liquor stores we will focus on craft beers, specialty beers, value wines, and an excellent selection of spirits. We don’t intend to carry every flavor of vodka, however we do intend to provide you with one of the most unique selections in Fort Collins.