Square Beverage has a special look and feel. Our mission to provide specialized, boutique and craft beer, wine and spirits in a comfortable, warm setting, using a Colorado lifestyle theme. We have incorporated pine and cedar shelving rather than metal gondola style shelves seen in most liquor stores. A library ladder spans our wine section, and the beer cooler is lined with cedar. The store truly has a “village liquor store” look and feel, yet we feature over 1000 skus. You won’t find stacks of cardboard cases of products like in the big box stores.

  • WINE CELLAR: Supporting our mission to provide solid product information in addition to a great selection, the wine cellar has a premium section that features quality maps of wine regions around the world.  Alex loves talking about these regions, taking customers on a travel adventure without leaving the store.
  • MIX SIX: In the beer category, we have some of the best beers in the world and many from the up and coming breweries in Colorado. We feature a “pick six” selection where you can combine individual beers into a six-pack.
  • TASTINGS: On weekends, we feature product tastings at our mini bar in the back of the store. Tastings feature some of our most popular products usually accompanied by an expert in that product; a buyer, representative, distiller, brewer, or vintner.