SWe created Square Beverage because there was a gaping hole in the Northern Colorado market. There are plenty of liquor stores that cater to our wonderful University in Fort Collins, however there wasn’t much of a wine and spirits shopping experience, with unique items. 

    • WINE CELLAR: Supporting our mission to provide solid product information in addition to a great selection, the wine cellar has a premium section that features interesting and unique wine varietals.
  • BEER COOLER: Fort Collins is a beer town, we pride ourselves and bringing in amazing craft beer from across the state as well as harder to find out of state craft beer.
  • TASTINGS: On weekends, we feature product tastings at our mini bar in the back of the store. Tastings feature some of our most popular products usually accompanied by an expert in that product; a buyer, representative, distiller, brewer, or vintner.